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An interview with Dr Samuel MacAulay – Strategy professor

We discuss practical adoption of generic strategy frameworks focusing on Rumelt’s kernel of a good strategy and Hambrick and Fredericksen’s diamond.

Including how to combat imitation and have a strategy to deal with uncertainty. We also discuss Teeces framework on how to profit from innovation.

Reference books:

Richard Rumelt – Good strategy Bad Strategy

McGrath & MacMillan – Discovery Driven Growth

David Teece – Profiting from Technological Innovation

An Interview with Dr Lisa OBrien – CEO – The Smith Family

The Smith Family Charity.

Operating in 94 Communities throughout Australia.

Working with 800 members of staff and nearly 9000 volunteers.

$130 Million turnover and supporting more than 174,823 Australian children in need (and their families) through our Learning for Life and other support programs.

We discuss – How to keep focus, measure and grow whilst remaining true to ones core.

The Smith Family is also THE charity this podcast personally supports, it would be wonderful if you would donate and help children in need. (we have a link on our home page.) 

An interview with Karen O'Driscoll

Fantastic chat with Karen on her approach to empowering the business to make technology changes within guidelines.

How Broadspectrum:

Uses virtual reality for training.

Uses drones with machine learning to detect leaks and maintenance tasks.

Adapts IT on the flexible edge.

Uses technology in Europe developing Smart Cities.